Private Math Tutoring via Skype

So you are struggling in your math class? My name is Devin Henson and I can help no matter where you live. For a number of years now I have privately tutored students across the country via Skype in addition to being a full time Director of Online Learning (and former math instructor) for a local college. I am currently available to help if you are taking algebra, precalculus, trigonometry, or calculus. You can go ahead and add me as a Skype contact – username “devinhenson”. The rate per session is $50/hour. Payment is made after the session is over, so there is no risk for you. Email me at devin@hensontutoring.com to set up a session.

For English, Biology, or other disciplines that Devin doesn’t tutor, see Option 2 below.

Have questions? Please shoot me a quick message using our contact form. Curious how tutoring via Skype works? Watch the short video below…

Option 2: If you need tutoring for Biology, English, or any other service that Devin does not tutor, we recommend our friends at Skooli. They even offer a free 30 minute session so you can ensure you like their services.


Option 3: I want you (or your child) to succeed no matter what. Over the last few years I have worked very hard to develop a website called Firefly Lectures which contains literally hundreds of high quality lecture videos (600+ and counting) covering everything that is traditionally taught in many math classes. You can watch all of our videos completely free, with no registration required!

You can use Firefly Lectures to supplement your tutoring sessions, or use it as a free alternative to private tutoring if cost is prohibitive. For the courses I have videos, I have literally taught every single topic students can expect to see within the course. If you’d like to support our site and allow me to keep making videos we also offer a donations option. Have school supplies, textbooks, or calculators to buy? Go to Amazon.com though our portal and we get a percentage of your sales without adding any cost to you, which is a great way to support our work without being costly to you.




I get many emails from teachers or college professors asking how to privately tutor students online with excellence. Having tutored online for many years, and as a current Director of Online Learning at a local college, I can share with you the technology and pedagogy necessary to successfully tutor online.

Please visit my website http://how-to-tutor-online.com to find out more about how to tutor online, or purchase my booklet below.

Booklet .pdf [$25] – Everything you need to know to get up and running as an online tutor, including: necessary equipment (with direct links to purchase), necessary software (with links to download), how to set up a website, how to set up a session, how to run a session, and how to bill students after the session. Once you submit the payment, you will be sent an email where you can download the booklet.